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My favorite Asheville, N.C. gems

Living in Greenville, S.C. makes Asheville an easy day trip. I’ve been several times, so I have a lot of favorite places to visit, but there are two Asheville gems that I always stand out – Flora and The Regeneration Station.

Flora Botanical Living is your one stop shop for books, flowers and lattes. Flora has everything from houseware to jewelry to fresh picked flowers. The flower shop also contains a coffee shop called Forage that offers coffee, wine, and really pretty donuts. I recommend the latte, of course. Located adjacent to the flower and coffee shop is Bagatelle Books. So grab a book and a latte, and leave with a succulent.

The Regeneration Station is my favorite antique store in the whole world. Asher and I stumbled upon it accidentally a few years ago. It’s a huge warehouse of anything and everything vintage, including old vinyls, furniture, and my favorite – a beaming Blockbuster sign.

Check out some photos from our day, and start planning your trip.



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