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We got back not too long ago from our two-week honeymoon in Italy, and I am so excited to finally share our experiences with you! We spent our time in Rome, Positano, Florence, Pisa, and Venice, but the Amalfi Coast was by far my favorite. I’ve never been anywhere so postcard perfect!


Living in Greenville, S.C. makes Asheville an easy day trip. I’ve been several times, so I have a lot of favorite places to visit, but there are two Asheville gems that I always stand out – Flora and The Regeneration Station.


There’s so much more to NYC food than pizza and cheesecake (although PTL for those, amirite?). Before we left for the trip, I made a huge list of restaurants I wanted to visit. So many restaurants, so little time. Here’s some of our favorite foodie moments from our time in the city.


My favorite thing to do on a trip is visit all the coffee shops in the area. I had high expectations for NYC. When we decided to take the trip, I started doing my research. I compiled a huge list of coffee shops I wanted to go to. We didn’t make it to all of them, but here are some of my favorites from our time in the city.