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620 Prince in Georgetown, South Carolina

Situated along South Carolina’s Hammock Coast in Georgetown, South Carolina, 620 Prince combines sophisticated charm and modern renovation in an 1882 coastal home.

Sarah Flint Shoes: My honest review

I took the shoes for a test drive. I spent my summer in my nude heels, and even tried out the Perfect Pump 100 in Black Calf (mainly because Lady Gaga owns a pair) and the Natalie in Saddle Vachetta (which I adore).

Our Key West, Florida travel guide

Key West, Florida has been on Asher’s bucket list for quite some time, so we decided to make it a reality. We had the PERFECT trip, so I want to share my Key West travel guide with you all.

Two days in Boston, Massachusetts

Here is the insider’s scoop on things to do and see in Boston. I recently spent two days with my dear friend Olivia, a Boston local, showing me her favorite spots around the city. We had the BEST time, so here are some places to add to your travel bucket list.

We finished the art nook

I spend most of my time in the art nook when I’m not on our porch. It was important to me to have a space where I can work on graphic design freelance, my blog and other creative outlets.

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