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Miami: a guide to graffiti, art & really good food

Have you ever listened to Will Smith’s song “Miami“? My boyfriend has. About forty thousand times on our way to Miami. But don’t worry — he appreciated my dance moves I’m sure.

I’m rapping it in my head right now… “Party in the city where the heat is on / All night, on the beach till the break of dawn…” Although my idea of fun is being in my jammies and fuzzy socks too asleep to even know it’s the break of dawn. I’m lame. I’m OK with it.

But my trip to Miami was anything but lame. Miami is full of crazy fun art, people and food. It’s a millennial’s Instagram paradise, a funky retired old beach lady’s sanctuary and a hub for fantastic restaurants. So let’s dive in.

What We Did

If you do anything in Miami, you have to visit the Wynwood Walls. This is a huge area full of graffiti art from some of the world’s most renowned graffiti artists. It’s perfect for taking photos, and it’s located pretty close to the Miami Design District.

Speaking of the Miami Design District, I highly recommend strolling through the streets of designer brand stores and scoping out all of the funky art in the area. My favorite wall in Miami, the cardinal (pictured above), can be found here. I couldn’t put my camera down.

On the way to South Beach, be sure to walk down the Lincoln Road Mall. There are tons of stores and restaurants along the strip, and it leads directly to the beach. South Beach is perhaps the best and worst place to people watch. The best because all walks of life can be found there. The worst because grandpa decided that all the clothing stores on Lincoln Road didn’t suit him so he decided to ditch his clothes altogether. Miami… not for the faint of heart.

Where We Ate

Breakfast & Brunch

Whoever had the bright idea of combining breakfast and lunch is my favorite person. We’ve only taken day trips both times we’ve visited Miami, and both times we’ve eaten brunch.

My favorite brunch spot so far is OTL (this one is for you, Instagramming millennial). They have sandwiches, salads, fruit, granola, espresso beverages and avocado toasts (Instagramming millennial, are you paying attention?) to name a few. I follow them on Instagram because their stories are filled with mesmerizing latte art.

Another place we love is located right by the Wynwood Walls so it’s a win-Wyn. LOL. See what I did there? Moving on. It’s called MIAM, which is the French word for “yum,” which I’m sure you’ll use over and over if you go there. They serve breakfast, brunch and lunch with selections like omelettes, steak, salmon, French toast and even popsicles. Just look for the black and white striped building — you can’t miss it (and you definitely don’t want to).

Lunch & Dinner

Now I get to tell you about my favorite place in ALL of Miami. Hint, hint… It involves a cat. And even if you’re not a cat person, you’ll love this. Tucked behind the busy shopping streets lies one of Miami’s priceless jewels — A La Folie Cafe. I literally felt like I was in France (or what I at least imagine it to be like). We sat in a corner by the window with our backs propped against some pillows lining our seat against the wall. The door was open to the cafe. As we waited on our crepes, we watched a little cat meander in and out frequently welcoming the visitors sitting outside. The crepes (they have other options too) were excellent. The atmosphere was to die for. You have to visit this place. 

I am a fan of breakfast for dinner. Are you sensing a trend here? I eat non-breakfast foods, I promise. We had the best breakfast-for-dinner experience at The Front Porch Cafe. They have a variety of food choices if you’re not in the mood for breakfast. I totally judged this place because it’s connected to a hotel. Why do I think restaurants connected to hotels aren’t as good as stand-alone ones? I have no idea. But I was wrong. This restaurant is worth the visit.

What We’ll Do Next Time

A third time’s a charm, right? I feel like I could go to Miami a million times and find something new and exciting each trip. There’s still a few places left on my list.

The first one proves I eat more than breakfast. Coyo Taco is number one on my list of things to check off my Miami bucket list. They’re located in Wynwood so I can munch on a taco while I check out some graffiti. What’s not to love about that?

I also have to go to All DayVogue says they have the best cup of coffee in Miami. Actually, make this number one on my list. Forget the taco.

Apparently all I’ll do next time is eat tacos and drink coffee because those are the only things left on my list. Have any ideas? Leave your Miami bucket list items in the comments. Either way, I’ll be perfectly happy in my Miami coffee taco paradise. Instagramming millennial today, funky retired old beach lady tomorrow.



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