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NYC coffee shops: staying caffeinated in the city that never sleeps

My favorite thing to do on a trip is visit all the coffee shops in the area. I had high expectations for NYC.

When we decided to take the trip, I started doing my research. I compiled a huge list of coffee shops I wanted to go to. We didn’t make it to all of them, but here are some of my favorites from our time in the city.


Butler will always be one of my favorites – probably because it’s where we went to eat after Asher proposed. Located in Dumbo, it’s the perfect place to stop for coffee or a bite to eat after walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. We opted for a turkey sandwich, tomato bell pepper soup and of course, a latte. Everything was AMAZING. I dream of that soup at least once a day. (but I also just really love soup). So go for the coffee, stay for the soup.

Urban Backyard

Urban Backyard is a coffee shop I found via Instagram. It’s probably the cutest one we went to during our time in NYC. There’s not much of a seating area, but it wasn’t crowded at all when we went. They serve coffee, tea, pastries and desserts, and are all about environment sustainability. So you can drink your latte and feel good about it.

Jack’s Wife Freda

During my sophomore year of college, I had to create a magazine layout. I chose to do mine on NYC (of course). I found Jack’s Wife Freda online and ended up doing a two-page spread on them. To say I was stoked about going there is an understatement. Their almond milk cappuccino was a dream. We had a carb overload with baguettes and waffles. Next time I’ll get the shashuka (because I mean, how fun is that word?).

Good Thanks

Good Thanks is another coffee shop I found on Instagram. We went for a latte and cappuccino, but I regret not getting food. The girl beside me (who I hope has recovered from her very loudly acclaimed hangover) ordered the two eggs on toast, and it had me drooling.

Citizens of Chelsea

Citizens of Chelsea is the perfect place to eat before jumping on the High Line or visiting the Friends apartment building. And dare I say it’s my favorite place to eat in NYC? My favorite food is yogurt, so I was pretty much in heaven with my Barbie bowl – Greek yogurt blended with pitaya, and served with peanut butter, bee pollen, granola, banana, blueberries and coconut. It was THE BEST. Their almond milk cappuccino was the best espresso drink I had on our trip. I could go on and on. Just be sure to put this one on your NYC bucket list.

Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane is the perfect place to go when you visit the NYC art museums. It’s located right beside the Guggenheim and not too far from The MET. The shop is located adjacent to the Church of the Heavenly Rest, which creates a unique architectural experience. They have brunch, dessert and coffee. We loved it.



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