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Friendsgiving and the Blue Ridge Parkway

Every year, I get a serious case of FOMO, and if you’re basically an old person like me, that means “fear of missing out.” I get this anxious feeling every fall that I just HAVE to see the leaves in all their glory. Am I the only one who feels this way?

My favorite place to take a drive to see the leaves in color is the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you don’t have FOMO yet, you should. It was beautiful.

And if the leaves weren’t enough to celebrate fall, we hosted a simple Friendsgiving. I pretty much raided Trader Joe’s for all the fall foods. We had autumn harvest soup with turkey and cranberry paninis, grapes, pumpkin cheesecake dessert and pumpkin biscotti. Trader Joe is my favorite person.

But let’s be real. My favorite part of the whole thing was decorating the table. All those vases from our wedding have come in handy.

There’s nothing like a good tablescape, a colorful Sunday drive, friends and Trader Joe’s to make a person grateful. What plans are you making with friends and family this fall?

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