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The modern lifestyle & home store in Raleigh N.C. that I love

Passion. That’s the driving force behind Port of Raleigh, a clean, simple and modern lifestyle and home store in downtown Raleigh, N.C.

From the modern, colorful hanging clocks on the wall to the plates and glasses for the ultimate dinner party, owner Ana Maria Muñoz is bringing in items that change the little, everyday experiences. Her passion is the evident sentiment behind her remarkable storefront as she brings in selections from the Raleigh area and beyond, ranging from products by well-known to emerging designers. 

The Why Behind Port of Raleigh

Born in Australia to Columbian parents, Ana Maria has lived in places like Los Angeles, London and Kuala Lumpur before she and her husband decided to call Raleigh, N.C. home in 2014. Upon moving to the Raleigh area, she was passionate about introducing something different. With a background in fashion merchandising, marketing and global experiences giving her a keen eye for design, she opened shop in December 2015.

“I couldn’t find a store that offered the things I was looking for. I figured I would be the one to bring it. The goal was to introduce these things to the area. That’s why it’s called ‘Port of Raleigh.’ We want to bring and find things here that fit and celebrate the design,” says Ana Maria.

The Inspiration Behind Port of Raleigh

Ana Maria is intentional with the products she brings into her store – products that celebrate the design and elevate the customer experience. 

“I get inspired and excited about things that are reimagined, reconsidered and thoughtfully done. That comes through the work of the designers. They’re constantly working on how to make things smarter or better and fun to use. It’s thinking forward about how to enhance our experiences. They are constantly redesigning and reimagining things,” says Ana Maria.

The Products Behind Port of Raleigh

Every piece in the store is picked with the utmost intentionality. To Ana Maria, choosing a favorite item in the store is like deciding which child is your favorite. 

One thing she is currently celebrating in the shop is the Carrie LED lamp. The product was inspired by the way the Danish use candlelight. The everyday candlelight experience was transformed into a modern, adaptable product, allowing the owner the versatility in carrying the lamp anywhere. 

“Lighting is like shoes for outfits. All it takes is one great object to make your space feel totally new and interesting. I like to bring in things that are simple but intriguing and make it count,” says Ana Maria. 

Whether you need that one piece to perfect your living space or you want to buy your kid the cutest surprise (she has REALLY cute children’s toys), check out Port of Raleigh next time you’re downtown.

Live far away? Don’t worry. You can shop online here or follow Port of Raleigh on Instagram



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