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Our week staycation in the sunshine state

One of my favorite trips to take with Asher is to visit his grandma and aunt in Kenansville, Florida. Haven’t heard of it? It’s basically in the middle of a beautiful nowhere.

It takes a little over an hour to get to the beach, but the scenery along the drive is gorgeous. In a day, you can wake up to a view of the lake (and hopefully not an alligator), take a drive through the cow pastures, lay on the beach and leave just in time to catch the most stunning sunsets.

When we weren’t by the lake, we were taking long walks by the ocean at Vero Beach. We met up with some of Asher’s cousins and grabbed a bite to eat with his grandma. If I’m going to social distance, it might as well be on a beach, right?

I literally had Asher pull over on the side of the road one night on our way back from the beach to catch a photo of the sky. Sunsets like these must only exist in Florida. We were spoiled!

The view from the house was a dream! After about ten minutes on the dock, we spotted an alligator making his way over for a visit. Since neither of us claim to be Steve Irwin, we thought it best to leave the lake to the reptiles and run (kind of quickly) to the house.

My favorite part of the trip was taking a walk after dinner with Mary, Asher and CoCo (aka Miss CoCo Chanel, the very extra and cute poodle).

Going out in Florida amidst a pandemic just isn’t the same. We visited Orlando for a date night, and I was shocked at how few people were out. But we still had fun taking a stroll through a cobblestone studded neighborhood before grabbing some tacos at one of my favorite restaurants, Bartaco. The atmosphere wasn’t as fun with so few people dining out, but the tacos and Asian slaw were still to die for.

Our last day there was by far one of my favorites. We stumbled upon Peterson Groves, a local farm stand with all the fruits and veggies you could dream of, tons of homemade jams, jellies and harvested honey, and the very best part – Florida’s famous orange trees. I wanted to stuff the tree in Asher’s car SO BADLY. If only we lived in Florida. I guess I’ll just have to settle for my succulent and grapefruit spoons.

What are your favorite places to visit in Florida?



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