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A girls’ weekend at a charming plantation home

There’s nothing quite like Southern charm and hospitality, especially when it’s packaged in a beautiful, historic plantation in the Lowcountry right outside Beaufort, S.C.

I love seeing other people’s homes and how they live and decorate, so when one of my best friends said we would be staying at her aunt’s plantation for her bachelorette weekend, it took me two seconds to pack my bag.

The Pineland Club Plantation has been entertaining families, welcoming friends, and hosting a hunting club since the 1870s. Now it serves both as a family home and a country retreat for weddings, as well as private and corporate events.

As we entered the property under an avenue of beautiful oak trees, it was like we were escaping from the outside world. If I’m being honest, this retreat gave me a different view and a little bit of sanity during the quarantine. No WiFi or internet connection meant we were totally disconnected from the chaos around us.

Our days weren’t only spent showering the bride with beautiful things, designing earrings and our bridesmaid bouquets, and getting in some quality girl time, but also spent lingering through the grounds of the plantation taking in all the sights and sounds.

The three-story home is decorated beautifully with a mix of consignment store purchases and elegant new items. From the dining room chairs to the books lining the shelves, every piece in the home tells a story and makes a statement.

We were greeted in the kitchen by two dogs – Hooey and Dennis. Along with the decor, they gave the plantation so much personality. And speaking of the kitchen, I think I was practically drooling over those marble countertops and the double oven.

Outside of the home, I explored the garden, strolled under the oak trees, visited the site where they keep the honey bees, and laid out by the pond (while also watching out for the alligator that likes to make an appearance every now and then). In fact, the majority of my time was spent with reptiles. Plantation life can be glamorous, but there are SO MANY LIZARDS. I spent about 30 minutes just trying to run one out of the sun room to no avail.

The property also has two cabins on the site original to the home. Both have been renovated and are gorgeous. A walk from one cabin to the other takes you along a path of jasmine that smells heavenly.

My favorite thing about the house is that no matter how many times you walk from one end of the land to the other, you always see something new and beautiful. I could go on and on, but let me just say that if you’re ever able to attend a wedding or an event at Pineland Club Plantation, consider yourself lucky. And if you’re ever able to celebrate a gorgeous bride-to-be like my gem of a friend, consider yourself beyond blessed.

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