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“Eddie and the Fourth of July Party” is here

It’s here! My dad and I finally published our book together. 

When I was little, my dad was my number one play pal, willingly participating as the voice of my Aaron Carter Barbie on regular occasions and teaching me how to land a home run with a swift swing at a wiffle ball. 

He was also the most creative storyteller. My dad has always had a huge imagination, so it only made sense that he would make up his own bedtime stories for me. When I was around five, he told me the story of Eddie, and that’s how “Eddie and the Fourth of July Party” came into being.

Fast forward twenty years, the dream of publishing a children’s book with my dad has become a reality. I took my dad’s words and gave life to the Eddie I’d imagined as a kid. 

Here’s the book in six words: too many feet, not enough shoes. Does Eddie find enough shoes for all his feet in time for the children’s Fourth of July party? There’s only one way to find out!

We hope our book will bring you and your children as much joy as it has brought us. We hope that the story of Eddie inspires you to create a bedtime story of your own. 

If you would like to purchase our book, you can do so on my online shop or on Amazon. If you love Eddie, please leave us a review – that would mean the world to us!

With love,

Carlee Alexandria Bed and Breakfast Travel Blogger



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